Thematic Structure

Now I need to develop the website in much more detail. I have my work cut out for me, but one of the most difficult things to do has been to develop a thematic framework for the ‘online exhibition’ or website. I have finally managed to come to some conclusions here after looking over my data and reading Nicks (2002 : curatorship in the exhibition planning process).

I have opted for a contextual thematic structure which contains three main aspects:

– Park Spaces : What participants felt about discrete places or general spaces of the park

– Park Memories : memories that the participants have expressed related to the park

– Park Beings : Responses by the participants to how the park affects their bodies and minds; the human being and its relationship with the park

Each of these themes has a sub theme of Self / Family / Community.

In order to address the importance of ‘history’ identified by the participants I intend to include historical images of the park so that users may compare present day with the past. Thus ‘history’ will run through the exhibition as a separate theme.

Similarly the interest in change (seasonal and socio-temporal) will be addressed by including a timeline populated by significant the participants’ interactions with the park and through the inclusion of time lapse footage to represent landscape change.

In many ways this step has reduced my anxiety about the project because it offers me methodological rationale for the inclusion or exclusion of narrative data in the development of the site.

I have called the site “Digital Towneley” for now, but I am not so sure that this will be the best name because it will clearly force ‘digital’ preconceptions which I may want to avoid.

There is still a lot to do…!